Inspiration is everywhere!

Here you can see the combinations of things that inspire me to create those things I do. Inspiration is of course around me all the time but I often come across pictures or comments on the web that inspire me and those I will post on this page. And who knows, Maybe they can give you some inspiration too.

I don't quite know what it is about this picture.
It just inspires me.
To draw, to model, to get more fashionable...

All of these photos is from my trip to Italy!

 I have to add these drawing because when I saw them I fell completely in love. I didn't make them just so thats said. 
But aren't they inspiring!??

Last week I went for a walk at Høvikodden to test out my new cameraNikon J 1J. 
Here are the results:

I was looking for inspiration, patterns, textures, colors, lighting and compositions. 

Here on the left we have a creature named Piper. She loves to hike as long as she doesn't have to wear a leash. You can also see why this tree inspires me, V for Vanessa! In the right picture I have taken a piece of sand to show the texture

Here I have taken two images of trees to display natural color combinations

On these two pictures, I have focused on lighting, which is totally natural light from the sun, notice the texture and the life of the wood

These pictures were taken with the idea of ​​composition. To the left you can see the tree, creating a higher balance, although it is not centered.

To the right you will see that the subject is centered but the light, depth and texture creates tension, which makes the whole picture more interesting.

if you look closely, you can see a little creature named Piper on the path in front of the tree, on the image to the left.)

Two days ago I was surfing online to see if I could find some inspiration for any new projects. I found a tutorial on how to make this iPad case. I think its so cute! So the next time I'm at Stoff og still I will see if I can get my hands on some materials to use for a iPad case for my self. 

For some time I have had really hooked on animals with hornsMainly deer, fallow deer, reindeer, red deer and elk. It is perhaps something about the mysterious and peacefulradiance they carry with them that inspires me. I am certainly very inspired by these animals, which makes me feel like having them around me everywhere. They are so majesticRoyalbut not arrogantI LOVE everything that is made ​​with this designbe it a deer wall lampmade ​​of wood, a deer peg, cushions with the head of a deer, on kitchen towels or simply afallow deer inspired lunch boxAs I btw is the proud owner of. This is a collection of some of the deer themed items that inspire me to create:

One thing that has always inspired me is the eyes, what you can understand the feelings of both people and animals just by looking at the eyes and expressionWhen I look at these pictures below, I am inspired to make something rough with elegant touches. I look at the colors, expressions and above all the textures that these images rays of, and take all the inspiration I can out of them.

Today a child came up to me and wanted to give me a gift, she gave me a stick, I was not quite sure what she would provide me with this stick, but then she pointed at the pin, and right in front of her index finger, I saw a teeny tiny little bud. A bud that was about to become a gosling! And you know what that means!Spring is on its way! In the spirit of spring I putout this collection of images that makes me think of spring. Apple flowers that sprout, rabbitkids "hatch" and a picture that reminds me that another year has passed. By counting theannual rings on a tree I think of the new year when I look at this fire hose that are spuntogether side by side.