On this page I will post my artwork as I create them. 
I have sorted them by art form! 
So, first you will travel through my drawings, and as you go along down the page you will arrive at my paintings station. 
I really hope you will enjoy my artwork, and most of all; that you will get inspired by it!

Since I were a little girl I always loved to draw. I have studied art and thereby also drawing techniques for 4 years all together and now I use drawing as kind of an relaxing activity. If I have a lot on my mind and need something to take my mind of things I often use drawing. I find my self floating in mid air when i draw, sort of in limbo. Nothing to worry about, just me and my drawing.






Watercolor portrait of Audrey Hepburn

Watercolor portrait of Charlize Theron.

Keep following for more inspiration and ideas for your own projects!
Feel free to leave me feedback, comments or questions about my work. 
Always happy to share!

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