About Me

My name is Vanessa Beveridge, I live in Bærum, about 10 min outside of Oslo in Norway, with my fiancé and our little dog Piper. I studied interior design at NKF for 1 year and I'm currently studying further on NKI next to my full time job. For christmas in 2010 I received a sewing machine as a gift from my mother. Since then I have been sewing almost every day and I'm always on the lookout for new projects.

My boyfriend and I met at a masquerade ball in 2008, Mr. K lived in Trondheim, while I lived in Bærum. My sister, who I where with that night, knew Mr. K from school, and thus we came to talk. We talked all night about anything and everything and I felt that it was love at first sight. The next day I sent him a message on facebook, where I wrote something like "Hey handsome, remember me?" I got a prompt reply and we kept sending messages forth and back both on Facebook and by phone. Two weeks after the first meet cute, he came to Bærum to visit me and we became boyfriend/girlfriend. Since he lived in Trondheim, and I lived in Bærum, we had to put it all-in for it to even be a relationship. 4 months later, I finished high school and moved to Trondheim where I lived with Mr. K in a great apartment on Mellom Ila. After 9 months in Trondheim I really longed for home when my great grandmother got ill. I moved back to Bærum, and after 3 months, when Mr. K had finished his education, he came after me. Over 5 years has passed since the first time I laid my eyes on Mr K, and I'm still confident that our meet cute was love at first sight. 

So, enough about me, lets get you inspired!