Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hi, guys! 

I know I haven't been here alot for you guys lately, but you know how it is.. Time flyes.. I have moved since i last postet and haven't been able to be very creative, but that is about to change! Thank goodness:)

I'll try to update the blog as often as I can in the future, but if you want to get inspiration on a shorter notice so to speak, please follow me on Instagram, @nessitaylor 

Here are a small collection of the last Instaupdates, 
I hope you enjoy!

May : One of the first nights in our new house, a bit cold still,
 so we desided to try our brand new fireplace:)

June: Our new place is just 5 minutes away from a beautiful lake. 
So Piper and I enjoyed quite a few sunny days here.

June: Finally I can buy nice things for the house and actually enjoy them:)

Late June: Piper and her boyfriend Idefix. Even he loves the new place. 
He kept us company for a week, while Mr. K were on a business trip in Madrid - Spain.

July: Mr. K and I brought my big sister Tiffany and her boyfriend back to last years vacationspots. 
We drove from Germany through Switzerland to Nice, then to Monaco, Pisa, Florence, Rome (where this picture is taken), to Pompeii then to Rimini, San Marino, Venice, Garda and then through Austria and all the way up to Denmark where we took the boat home to Norway. 2700miles and three fantastic weeks later, our vacation were over and it was back to work for all of us.. 

July: This picture was taken on our way from Pompeii to Rimini. It's about 980 masl. We drove my beautiful Nissan Juke, and had no problems what so ever !! Great Car! *Gotta love it!* 

August: I finally have my own room to be as creative and messy as I wish now that we have moved. But it happen to be in the basement, so not to much natural light with just a small window. Two weeks ago I took a little trip to IKEA and got this super cool wall lamp and a pictureshelf.  I even managed to hang them up myself!! **proud!!**:)

September: My first attempt to get creative! Some watercolor portraits.
I don't really think they are that good, but still.. I like the colors and at least I enjoyed making them. 
I don't know if you can see it on these photos but the man to the left is suppose to be a portrait of Paul Walker, and the  one on the bottom right are Charlize Theron. 

This one on the other hand, I have to say that I love. I love the way the colors all work together and the graphics of the pencil line ( not to easy to see on this photo but take a closer look on the art page.)
You probably know who this beautiful woman is but just in case you haven't figured it out yet, breakfast at Tiffany's is a hint. 
Yep, Audrey Hepburn of course:)

September: So this is the last one... 
These photos are of our guestroom. And they were taken earlier today. We have used this saturday to unpack the last boxes from the move, and finally we are ready to have guests over! Even over night if they want to:) I have never had a guest bedroom, so that is why its such a big deal for me to have this room ready. 
The shelf on the bottom are also from IKEA. *Love it*
The picture on the left is of a mobile that I made about a year ago. 

Until next time.. 
I hope to see you on Instagram!

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