Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Job!!

Hi everybody, long time no wright.
First I just want to say that I really appreciate all of you readers out there, I LOVE coming to my blog edit site and see how many of you that are still following even though  I haven't been blogging a lot these last months, it really warms my hart to see that your still interested in what I make!
Second I'd just thought that I'd tell you why I haven't been sewing for the longest time now. You see this summer I had a lot on my mind with finding a new job and all of the tension that brings with it, so I really didn't feel very inspired.. And lets face it, its not easy to inspire people in the first place, so to inspire people when you don't feel it yourself is just impossible!
In the end of August I finally got a job witch I LOVE!! It might not seem like the most inspired job to you, selling tiles, but the people I now work with are just amazing people, seriously!! I feel like I have known them for years and years already, so a big thanks to MegaFlis for making me feel so welcome!

When thats said, and my inspiration has come to life again my sewing machine broke!!!!!!!! Can you believe it??!!?? probably not, it really sounds like a stupid excuse, but its actually true!!! First my threder thingy broke a couple a months ago, and when I say a couple of months I mean like in march! That I could live with.. But then the bobbin kept knotting, that was really annoying!! Last but certainly not least the fabric stopped pulling through so it just got stuck!! So finally I couldn't take it anymore, so I took my precious sewing machine back to the store where I bought it and I'm still waiting for them to call me so I can pick it up.

First on my to do list is a hairband for my niece and a new butterfly tutorial as a guest post! 

So keep following, and I will sew you soon;D 

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