Sunday, June 17, 2012

Second edition, BOOM!

I'm really exited about my new ideas for my summer collection that I started last night, here are my second edition to det retro line already, what do you think?


Yesterday I started up a new clutch collection, a more geometric and retro line. I hope you like it! 
Here are the first edition, hopefully the first of many:) 

Zip me up

Payday, time to stock up! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The ick in sick

On saturday evening I started to feel a bit under the weather, and as the sun came up on sunday morning I felt even worse. I went to the doctors on monday and she sent me back to bed for the next three days. Im on my third day and I'm not feeling better AT ALL! I hate being sick, ass we all do. But  I have actually been more sick this last year then I have ever been in my life! 
So I can really say that I HATE being sick! 

So now you know why I'm not creating. I hope to be back in front of my sewing machine and sharing very soon, so please keep following for inspiration on your own projects:)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Only 3 left!

This post is mainly for my Norwegian readers! 

I have added a SALE topic in my STORE, And I just wanted to mention that I have only 3 Cowhide Clutches left and that I am selling them for 650NOK! So if you are interested in buying one you have to act quickly! These Bags are really nice and I'm probably not making any more of these clutches, witch is also the perfect size for an iPad case I might ad! 

However Im making the smaller sizes with chain straps witch I will be putting out for sale soon, but this is probably the only time I will be selling these bags at this LOW price! So this is the time to buy!

Remember that they are made from genuine cowhide and spots and color will vary!

Proud Aunt in Need for inspiration!

My baby niese is 8weeks old today:) 

Time goes by so fast these days and I feel like I need some new inspiration for my sewing projects! 

Do you have any good ideas about what I could sew?

 I would love some suggestions :D 
Please leave my a comment bellow if you have any wishes for a tutorial or maybe you have a sewing blog yourself witch you think could be an inspiration for me ! ? 
Anyways, shout out and I will definitely check it out! 

Pre Thanks!

Friday, June 1, 2012

I had another migraine attack yesterday that lasted until about 4pm today. When I started too feel better I decided to take a walk with my dog Piper to get some fresh air and when I came home I didn't have anything better to do so I decided to paint my nails. 
Here are the result: