Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Here are the pattern for the Kitty Cuddle teddy bear ;) 
Hope you enjoy it! 

The pattern does NOT include seam allowance! 

Things to remember when making the kitten:

Make a little mark on the wrong side of the fabrics where you want the ears, legs and arms to go on the head and belly.

Sew the arm, foot, tail, and ear pieces together first, then turn and press.

Fill the legs.

Sew the pieces on the front head and snout first and sew those together. 

Embroider on the smile.

Place the tail between the to back pieces and sew along the straight edge.

Sew the front head and the belly together, and then the back head and the back piece together, before sewing it all together along the sides, placing the arms and legs in between as a sandwich.

As you can see I added some decorative ribbons and the letter K on mine, so feel free to experiment, and have fun with it! 

If you decide to make one of these I would LOVE to se the result! 
So please post a link to your site bellow!  

Keep following for more inspiration and ideas for your own projects!
Feel free to leave me feedback, comments or questions about my work. 
Always happy to share!

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