Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cuddlycloth with Personality

These cuddly cloths inspired by a child in a kindergarten I worked in some time ago, which was lost under these labels on her clothes. She used a long johns as cuddly cloth when she was sleeping and loved it! Since then I have seen that there are lots of cuddlecloths you can buy with these labels, so I further developed the idea to get a little more personality and to be in the form of a bunny. All children love the "bunny out in themeadow." ( a norwegian children song) And not just that, but to make it even more special, I appliqued a heart or star shape on each of the cloths I´ve made. I think at leastthat these cuddles was amazingly sweet, they are also incredibly easy to make!

I hope you can be inspired by these cuddles I have made, and if you feel that this is notthe project for you but still want one of these to your child, please send me an email andI might be able to help you with that;)

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