Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crocodile dun dee

Last Sunday, I felt tingling in my fingers to create somethingI was babysitting for a littleboy from Saturday to Sunday. So Friday was dedicated to cleaning and washing. When the little man had been picked up on Sunday afternoon, I started so reasearch for something to sew.

Here are the results:

The only thing that remains is a small seam for closing it up, but I´m waiting for the trademark labels arrival! When I get them I will sew the last seam.

Mr.K. are away this week, and with him, SLR .. And I who is usually very organized and tidy, can of course not find the charger to my digital camera, bummerTherefore, the cellphone photos this week .. New pictures will come when the camera is in place and the labels are sewn on!

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