Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Christening Robe

This is a christening robe for a little boy to be baptized on 27 February 2012. The son of a friend of mine who was born last October. I had never thought of sewing a christening robe before my friend asked if I was up for a challengeto sew the christening robe of her son. I thought about it and after doing a little research I answered yes to the challenge. I went off to Stoff og Stil Friday after work to buy what I needed, and during Saturday night the dress was finished.
Here are the result:

The christening robe is in the norwegian size 74. It is made ​​of natural white bridal satin and lace on the chestcuffs and on the edge of the broad bottom of the dress that you see in the picture. It also features as you can see 5 button-hole buttons on the back for closing. In addition, I made abonnet of bridal satin. Tie under the chin. The mother was very happy and now that the dates approaching, I'm looking forward to seeing it on!

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